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Hello Teachers

We hope that this year of teaching inspires and challenges you, and warms your heart. We encourage teachers to use our curriculum flexibly and to supplement with ideas or content that is relevant and appropriate. We also recognize that sometimes teaching can be challenging when behavioral issues or class dynamics interfere with the class realizing its full potential. Our Director of Children’s Religious Education is always available to assist you. However, we want to also make some resources easily accessible to you in case you want to “go the extra mile,” or explore some new strategies. Below is a list of resources and links that may be useful to you during the year. Please let us know any feedback you might have should you use any of these. You can e-mail Leslie Ross here.  

Tapestry of Faith

The UUA (Unitarian Universalist Association) set out a few years ago to develop new curricula for children and youth that would integrate current understandings of learning processes as well as contemporary ideas about UUism. Tapestry of Faith is a series of programs and resources for all ages that nurture Unitarian Universalist identity, spiritual growth, a transforming faith, and vital communities of justice and love. There are several newly developed curricula for each age group, and they are available on-line for free! Take a look at these wonderful resources here. 

Community Building

There are lots of great resources out there on community building, and creating strong classroom communities is a priority here at FUS. There are many wonderful resources online. Here are a few:




Faith Development

For some very rudimentary information on UU faith development, click here.  For more in-depth and generalized description of faith development, James Fowler is often the expert cited. You can read about his theories at http://faculty.plts.edu/gpence/html/fowler.htm or at http://www.usefulcharts.com/psychology/james-fowler-stages-of-faith.html.

Learning Styles

Fortunately the past few decades have helped educators to move beyond cookie-cutter models of education and to better understand that children have unique styles of learning. An ideal classroom session will offer something for everyone—the tactile learners, the auditory learners, the spatial learners, and so on. Learn more about learning styles and how you might adapt your lessons here: http://www.education.com/topic/different-learning-styles/.

Positive Guidance and Discipline Strategies

For some good suggestions for working with younger children (first grade and younger), click here.  For ideas on behavior management of children ages 5 and up, you can read several articles at http://www.education.com/topic/discipline/. These are geared toward parents but have useful applications for your roles as well.

Terrific Tips for Topnotch Teachers

Three tips on effective and engaging communication with children can be found here

Building Bridges

Introduction to Building Bridges
Workshop 1: Treasure Everywhere Workshop 2: The Journey Starts at Home
Workshop 3: Indigenous Religions Workshop 4: Hinduism
Workshop 5: Judaism 1-- The Abrahamic Tradition
Workshop 6: Judaism 2-- The People of the Law
Workshop 7: Eastern Religions
Workshop 8: Taoism
Workshop 9: Buddhism 1-- Waking Up
Workshop 10: Buddhism 2-- Right Living
Workshop11: Christianity and Catholicism
Workshop12: Protestant Reformation
Workshop 13: Islam 1-- Peace by Surrender
Workshop 14: Islam 2-- Contemporary Issues
Workshop 15: Jesus of Nazareth
Workshop 16: Evangelical Christianity
Workshop 17: The Quakers
Workshop 20: Atheism and Agnosticism
Workshop 23: Wider and Stronger

Exploring Our Origins

Introduction to Exploring Our Origins
Unit 1 Session 1: The Quest
Unit 1 Session 2: Why People Tell Stories
Unit 1 Session 3: Spiral Timeline
Unit 1 Session 4: Sacred Circle of Life
Unit 1 Session 5: Our Connection to Stars
Unit 1 Session 6: Startull Play
Unit 1 Session 7: Winter Solstice
Unit 1 Session 8: The Universe Story
Unit 2 Introduction: The Gift of Time
Unit 2 Session 1: You and Your Life
Unit 2 Session 2: Earth's Timeline
Unit 3 Introduction: The Gift of Life and Death
Unit 3 Session 1: What is Life?

Unit 3 Session 2: What is Death?
Unit 3 Session 3: The Origin of Life
Unit 4: Introduction

Unit 4 Session 1: Family Trees
Unit 4 Session 1: Diagram of Family Tree

Unit 4 Session 2: Common Ancestry

Unit 4 Session 3: Our Genetic Inheritance

Unit 4 Session4: Celebrate Beginnings
Unit 4 Session 4: Cards
Unit 4 Session 4: The Royal Family

Unit 5: Introduction

Unit 5 Session 1: Early Life
Unit 5 Session 2: The Invasion of Land

Unit 5 Session 3: Fish & Amphibians
Unit 5 Session 4: Reptiles
Unit 5 Session 5: Birds & Mammals
Unit 5 Session 6: Ceremony
Unit 6: Let's Read
Unit 6 Session1: It's a Small World
Unit 6 Session 2: Water: A Precious Resource
Unit 6 Session 3: Cycles and Sustainability
Unit 6 Session 4: Bountiful Harvest

Unit 6 Session 5: Global Warming
Unit 6 Session 6: End of the Year